Message from the MD/Owner

A message from Riaan Becker

As per our Policy statement, which is not just a policy statement, but the backbone of our company, the outlook of myself as well as the Printflex staff members, does not vary much from the past. Service, quality and value for money have always been the three pillars upon which Printflex has based it's business.

SERVICE - we continue to provide our customers with such a high level of confidence in our products and service, that these are preferred and used. Also to ensure that customer satisfaction is obtained by continual improvement of our service and product to meet all contractual requirements as agreed upon between ourselves and our customers.

QAULITY - to increase quality awareness within the organization and encourage our staff to apply the principles of total quality management at all times in order to benefit our customer.

VALUE FOR MONEY - to continue to offer our customer value for money taking the 2008 global economy into account which left us all in a scramble as basic business operations changed considerably. This has taught us all to be more productive, cost effective and provide product reliability in the market.

Printflex has taken all these factors into account to change it's overall business plan, to a leaner and more cost effective production plan. We have a positive future ahead of us and still promise our customer to be a reliable supplier providing quality whilst remaining competitively priced at the highest quality.

I, as managing Director of Printflex & Oscillating Rollers, have accepted the responsibility and committed myself as well as my company to be a high standard quality supplier with all our doors open to negotiate and handle queries on a 24/7 basis.

We will ensure that we supply products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers expectations. I am proud to say that Printflex Rollers is the biggest as well as oldest privately owned company in the roller industry.